Дистрибьютор медицинского и
косметологического оборудования, для
профессионального и бытового назначения.
Контактный телефон
+7 (495) 266-65-80
+7 (812) 507-67-28
Аппараты для
Mego Afek, MaxStar
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About us

VGS Group is a distributor of medical devices, cosmetology equipment for professional and household use. VGS Group comprises suppliers and manufacturers of medical equipment from different countries.

Our aim is to meet the demand of Russian customers with the best healthcare products.

VGS Group is the exclusive distributor of Mego Afek Company (Israel) on the territory of the Russian Federation (Lympha Press, Phlebo Press, and Angio Press trademarks). Our company is the exclusive distributor of South Korean Max Star Company (Unix Air Relax trademark). Besides, we supply products produced by Migun, Guifuren (South Korea), EME (Italy), Electro Aesthetics (China).

Having various manufacturers in a single association you have the best choice meeting the most exacting requirements. The history of VGS Group begins in 2001. During this period we have established the reputation of a reliable partner in supplies, implementing advanced experience of world manufacturers in the medical sector of our country. We know that you will enjoy continuous and efficient operation of our products as their quality and reliability are the terms of our brand integrity.

Over the period of its activity VGS Group has effected deliveries all over the territory of Russia: from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. All the interested consumers ranging from ordinary retirees to RF Presidential Administration have become our customers. Winning tenders on supplies for state needs, VGS Group has proven itself to be a competent supplier capable to provide fast ex-stock delivery in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

With its huge experience, adherence to perfection and the most progressive technologies, VGS Group obtained exclusive import rights from numerous medical equipment and health product manufacturers. We justify the confidence from year to year by our work including that at exhibitions on healthcare and cosmetology, providing assistance in certification of manufactures and manufactured goods, image support of sales, personnel training, warranty and post-warranty service.

Please, come up with any questions. You will always receive additional information to meet your needs in healthcare and life quality improvement.